3 Hole Bricks
3 Hole Bricks

3 Hole Bricks

Item ID: 51000000099200000002

Supplier Name: GAK Bricks Industries Ltd

Type: Machine Made Bricks

Origin: Bangladesh

Brand: GAK

Payment Mode: Cash, Cheque

Price Range: 9-10

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Product Details:

Size: 9.5" X 4.5" X 2.75"
Type: 3 Hole Ceramic Bricks

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N.B: The displayed price is a reference price. Price may vary based on the client's requirements & payment mode.

PRODUCT CATEGORY Auto Bricks, Ceramic Bricks
ABOUT COMPANY GAK Auto Bricks Industries Ltd. Quality Bricks Manufacturing Company. We have #Solid Bricks, #10hole_Auto_Bricks , #3hole_Auto_Brick , #Picket , #Red Brick Our Minimum Delivery 5000 pieces... regular delivery 7000 pieces per truck around Dhaka

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