Ever Brighting Generator 30KVA-60KVA

Product Id: RP 2340

Supplier Name: Easy Tech Lifts & Escalators Ltd

Type: Generator

Origin: China

Brand Name: Ever Brighting

Payment Mode: Cash, Pay Order, Cheque

Price Range: 3,00,000-60,00,00

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As the world continues to become more dependant on technology, power availability has an impact on our lives. A generator is something many don'

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COVERAGE AREA All Over Bangladesh
ABOUT COMPANY Easy Tech Lifts & Escalators Ltd is the best lift and escalator company in Bangladesh. It was founded by Major General (Retd) Quadir on 1st July 2017. After being incorporated as a Private Limited Company, it has formed a body of diligent personnel in operating the company. In a short span of time Easy Tech has grown rapidly because of its highly qualified professionals and engineers. All our personnel is well experienced and their expertise in the lift & escalator business is admirable. Since its inception, the company is engaged in importing, installing, and providing after-sales service of elevators, escalators, and cargo lifts. Remarkably, it has served over 73 different customers and has sold over 56 lifts all over Bangladesh. Our manufacturers are based in China and Europe. Currently, our two prime manufacturers are BLT and Sicherheit. BLT is one of the top five manufacturers in China. On the other hand, Sicherheit is a German manufacturer of elevators and escalators. Our aim of the business is to lead the industry by providing the best quality service with professionalism. Currently, our head office is located at Mirpur DOHS and our corporate office is located in Uttara. We also have warehouses for spares parts. We are also involved in Construction & Hotel business. Easy Housing & Construction and Easy Suites are our sister concerns. We are one of the rapidly growing companies in Bangladesh. With the support and blessing of our customers and clients, we aim to expand further in our respective industries. The company always believes in the motto “Elevate your life”. By all means, we elevate customer’s priority above all.
WEBSITE https://easytechlifts.com/

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