Welland Power WP100, 100kVA Canopied Diesel Generator powered by Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 diesel engine

Product Id: RP 2849

Supplier Name: Edison Power Bangladesh LTD

Type: diesel engine


Brand Name: Perkins

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WP100 A high quality Canopied Welland Power diesel generator combining a high quality Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 engine, coupled to a Stamford UCI 274C1

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COVERAGE AREA Whole Bangladesh
ABOUT COMPANY EDISON Power Bangladesh Ltd. is a member of EDISON Group. It was established in the year 2008 aiming to provide custom energy to its customers. It provides energy-efficient solutions that helps our customers effectively manage electrical and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustain-ably. We offer comprehensive product and service solutions from the product development level to the complexity of power distribution design.
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