DESENK- US, 630kg/08 Passenger, Floor/Stops 10/10

৳ 1,850,000.00

Product Id: RP 2329

Supplier Name: Vertex Lifts Ltd.

Type: Passenger Elevator

Origin: America, Since 1853

Brand Name: DESENK- DSK

Payment Mode: Cash, Chq

Price Range: As per discussion

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Product Details:


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ABOUT COMPANY Which has 24-years history and incorporated in 2002. Vertex lifts Ltd. introduce new model elevator and escalator quickly and surely as a sign to announce its selective brand has achieved in a short time and took place in the sector. Vertex Lifts Ltd, with 30,000 sft closed area and 170 staff experience, quality, technology, innovation and aesthetics combined with its unique model will be realized, and reveals a variety of elevator and escalator. Our valued customers and business partners in meeting our request and demands on the success and experience gained from efforts by industry to meet, to raise the standards of quality and aesthetics continue. Vertex Lifts Ltd. innovations and more advanced levels, to deliver and to our customers more advanced services started to help ride the elevator industry in each stage to spread and we better serve the aims. Vertex Lifts Ltd. settled the position of the peak reached in order to offer a broad range of products and quality service with a life every moment worthwhile, and the existing beauty of the living standards will increase the new values are revealed and more livable word to contribute for the purpose of the technical staff, sales trade support and after sales service team and all employees, especially their customers and business partners to offer the best service and quality principle. In this context, Vertex Lifts Ltd., the industry position and service quality value to reinforce the world-wide recognized quality certification and quality supports.

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