Koyo Hospital Elevator - Model:KYC500-2017
Koyo Hospital Elevator - Model:KYC500-2017

Koyo Hospital Elevator - Model:KYC500-2017

Item ID: 99000000010500000003

Supplier Name: BD. Lift Limited

Type: Hospital Elevator

Origin: China

Brand: Koyo

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  • Model:KYC500-2017
  • Ceilling : Hairline stainless steel , LED light Cabin
  • Wall :

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PRODUCT CATEGORY All kind of lift, Escalator
COVERAGE AREA All over of Bangladesh
ABOUT COMPANY KOYO products have been exported 116 more countries all over the world and KOYO is proud suppliers of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, FIFA World Cup 2011 South Africa, ICC Cricket World Cup 2010 Sri Lanka. KOYO in draughts advanced fabrication process and safe reliable control system from Germany. KOYO strictly implements European EN115 and EN81 standards, which is equivalent to China GB16899-1997 and GB7588-2003 standards. KOYO was been awarded Germany TUV Certificate with CE Logo and ISO9001:2008 Certificate. By combining the advanced German Technology and traditional Chinese beauty characters, KOYO has established factories in Kunshan and Wuxi to manufacture high quality elevator and escalator products. Advanced high-tech R&D team is capable of designing a variety series of elevator and escalator products according to client different requirements. We cordially invite you to be the proud owner of this lift for your glorious buildings.
WEBSITE www.bdliftltd.com

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