Passenger Lift Elevator
Passenger Lift Elevator
Passenger Lift Elevator
Passenger Lift Elevator

Passenger Lift Elevator

Item ID: 99000000013100000001

Supplier Name: General Elevator Corp. Bangladesh

Type: Passenger Elevator

Origin: China - American Joint Venture


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Price Range: As per discussion

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Port: Shanghai, China 
Production Capacity: 7000 Pieces/Year
N.B: The displayed price is a reference price. Price may vary based on the client's requirements & payment mode.

PRODUCT CATEGORY Lift, Elevator, Escalator
COVERAGE AREA All Over Bangladesh
ABOUT COMPANY Proficient, Trust, Universal that makes GENERAL. GENERAL Elevator is one of the exclusive top leading brands in the world. It is especially well known globally. It has certified that GENERAL Elevator is a Sino – American Joint Venture Co. & the mother company of GENERAL is American GENERAL Elevator Inc. We American GENERAL Elevator Co. highly assuring that GENERAL Elevator is controlling by the American GENERAL. All the components of the GENERAL Elevator are EN-81.1 standard. General Elevator launched high category luxurious pattern. Here we attested that profile for your kind acknowledgment. We are the black horse in the Elevator sector. We have Passenger Elevators, Panorama / Capsule Elevators, Hospital / Bed Elevators, Home Elevators, Car Elevators, Cargo Elevators, Escalators, Moving walks, Dumb waiters, etc

Terms & Conditions (Retail) i) 100% components are imported from “General Elevator Co. Ltd.” ii) Separator wall or beams (if required) in the lift shaft will be provided by the Buyer. iii)1 (One) year warranty / guarantee from the date of hand-over of lift.iv)1 (One) year free service & maintenance with spare parts after hand-over of lift.

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