AKIJ Ordinary Portland Cement (50KG)/Bag

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Supplier Name: Akij Cement Company LTD.

Type: Portland Cement

Origin: Bangladesh

Brand: AKIJ Cement LTD.

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Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) - Type CEM-I

Akij Type- I or Akij Portland Cement known as Akij OPC is a general purposed cement used for all general construction viz high rise Building etc. especially for precast or pre-stressed concrete with more than 95% high quality clinker having greater than 60 % Tri Calcium Silicate (C3S) offers early set and boost up the compressive strength more than desired level.





Strength class

52.5 N


Clinker 95-100%Gypsum 0-5%

Standard comply to

BDS EN 197-1:2003Comply to ASTM C 150-94/BS- 12:96/IS.2269

Chemical compositions

60 % (C3S), 17 % (C2S),< 9% (C3A), 7% (C4AF), 2.5 % MgO, 0.5 % (SO3),1.0% Ignition loss, and 1.0% (free CaO)


Early settingLow Shrinkage Moderate Early strength Growth Dynamics


Field of Application

  • Structures & Monolithic or Prefabricated Elements.
  • Concrete Foundations.
  • Concrete for Massive structures
  • All kinds of Reinforced & masonry work.
  • Concrete with High resistance to chemical Attack
  • Mass Structures such as large pier, heavy abutments & Retaining Wall.
  • Brick-laying & Plastering Mortars
  • Drainage Structures which are subjected to moderate sulphate concentration from ground water.Getting High Early Strength

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