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Application Review Process:

We look for associates who are a value-add for RealPrice customers – if you’re a passionate reviewer, stylist, content creator who would like to refer your audience to products/Services on RealPrice, you may be the right fit.

After you sign up (Given your authentic basic information), our team will check your application once you’ve driven qualified sales.


Required Documents:

1. Participants NID card photocopy

2. 2 Copies passport size image

3. Own institution’s visiting / ID card photocopy (if any)



Choose from over a thousand of products & services to advertise to your customers. Whether you are a large network, Content site or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your web site. (Under Construction)


For some technical problem you currently can generate order offline***


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We require at least 10 orders generate within the first 30 days. Please note that personal orders do not qualify.
  2. Each order value not less than BDT 5000.
  3. Orders generate could be through tender or direct Order.
  4. We expect a cash order (Maximum).
  5. The only selected category will under this program.
  6. In our review, we check all of the Sites you’ve provided (websites, mobile apps, and social network pages) to ensure that they meet our customer experience bar. All Sites must have robust original content (even when advertising is removed).
  7. Unsuitable Sites or network cannot participate in any circumstance.
  8. After generate each order associate will inform our client management team for further process and will support to RealPrice team for accomplish the order.
  9. Any kind of discrepancies order will be not counted.
  10. Management of RealPrice reserve the whole right to take any decision any time.


Link to any Page:

Navigate to any RealPrice product/Service details page and capture the links directly from page you are viewing. You can even build short links and post in your prefer sites.


Offline Order Generate:

Offline order generate is very easy process. Just fill up the information bank form properly and send the form to RealPrice concern person, RealPrice team will back check the order and confirm you as fast as possible. If everything finds okay then counted as valid order and add to your account.


Share on Twitter and Facebook:

Post a quick update to Facebook or Twitter with a link to the RealPrice page you are viewing.


Commission Plan:

To know about the commission plan please call to 09666707077


Payment Procedure:

  1. Payment will be paid monthly Basis.
  2. Payment will be by Cash or check.


Termination: The term of this Agreement will begin upon your registration with RealPrice. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without notice, by giving the other party written notice of termination provided that the effective date of such termination will be 7 working days from the date notice is provided.



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