Transformer 150kva
Transformer 150kva

Transformer 150kva

Product Id: RP 1042

Supplier Name: AB Power Engineering Ltd.

Type: Indoor

Origin: Bangladesh

Brand Name: AB Power

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Price Range: 300000-350000

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PRODUCT CATEGORY Generator , Substation
ABOUT COMPANY AB Power Engineering Ltd. is a reputed Electrical Company that has been providing service in the country since the year 2007 as a proprietorship firm with a very good name and fame. It deals with the sales of sub-station equipment, BBT, generators including all sort of electrical components and accessories. It has been playing a significant role in mitigating power crisis in Bangladesh since its birth. Now, AB Power Engineering Ltd. is counted as a leading company among all Electrical Companies working in Bangladesh. However, it had to pass a long way to reach at today’s position. The background of the company is actually a history of hard working, sincerity and honesty. The condition of Electricity & Electrical Equipment in this country was beggar description. The situation was about to spin out of control day by day. In this context, AB Power Engineering Ltd. was established to serve the nation in the electrical sector and to generate employment facility that was, even now, nightmare for an ordinary civilian. At the very beginning, AB power Engineering Ltd. realized that it would not be wise to be dependent on begging any longer to others rather it must stand on its own feet. For that reason, sincerity & hard working was a must. Quality Equipment & materials are essential in the electrical sector to avoid any electrical hazard and to make confirm lives & dependability. With this view, AB power Engineering Ltd. went in contact with some famous electrical brand to collect world famous electrical components & electrical Accessories. From that time, AB Power Engineering Ltd. is exclusively collecting European Brand BBT system, switch, sockets, Circuit Breakers, Dimmers, motor-starters and all sorts of Electrical accessories. Now, AB Power Engineering Ltd. Manufacture, Supply & Installation of Electrical Sub-Station ranging 33/11KV (3MVA to 20MVA) & 11/0.415KV (100KVA to 4000KVA) & the Solar System. Our ability to successfully manage technology from the earliest bright ideas to full delivery is vital for the company’s future. Working closely with the divisions and our external partners, it has become our responsibility to secure the Company’s future in a competitive and global environment. We are delivering the innovations and breakthroughs that are driving forces for the growth of AB Power’s businesses and revolutionizing the markets.

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