What is the tender fee?

Tender Fee is a non-refundable processing fee from potential suppliers as a means of Some of our clients are submitted a tender with a schedule fee. Typically, the purchaser informs potential suppliers of the published tender, which they can then view in the RealPrice tender section. After viewing the tender, suppliers can decide whether they want to pay the tender fee and submit a response or not. This page will show the process in a systematic manner.

Tender fee payment procedure:

STEP#1 Log In first

STEP#2 Click on Tender.

STEP#3 Click on Tender Management.

STEP#4 Click on All Tender.

STEP#5 From the dropdown menu on top select Received option.

STEP#6 Click on view option of the tender you want to participate in.

STEP#7 Click on pay tender schedule fee.

STEP#8 Make a payment.

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