RO System 50 GDP Drinking Water

৳ 17,000.00 ৳ 21,000.00

Product Id: RP 2428

Supplier Name: Confidence Water Technology

Origin: USA

Brand Name: RO

Payment Mode: CASH

Type: Home Water System

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RO is an  American Water Purifier Manufacturing Company.

Dispense with up to close to 100% of disintegrated solids, c

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PRODUCT CATEGORY Industrial Water Purification
ABOUT COMPANY Say goodbye to all the hassles & worries related to drinking water. Confidence Warer Technology is the easy, practical and affordable route to obtaining a clean glass of water. Pureit is not just a product, it is the answer to Bangladesh’s water purification needs. Since its launch, today it has become the World’s Largest Selling Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 9 countries. Confidence Warer Technology’s revolutionary products are built using the most innovative technologies like RO & RO+UV. Confidence Warer Technology devices delivers stringent international criteria of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA for removal of harmful virus & bacteria.

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